Diaries of a Hedgehog – The Feel Of Darkness

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Albino Hedgehog curled in a ball on a black Sheets of San Francisco Fluidproof Sheet

The Feel of Darkness – The latest instalment of our fun, tongue in cheek ‘Diaries of a Hedgehog’.  The diaries may be fiction but its a real hedgehog and real sheets.

Oh hai Peeps!

Many much hedgehoggy antics has happened since we last spoke. Ma’am was away the other day, y’see so I decided to open ma cage and go for an adventure. I have often heard ma’am say that when the cat is away the mice will play, but I think hedgehogs deserve fun too!

Ma’am noticed as soon as she got back tho, even tho it’s getting darker.

I like the dark a lot. Ish when me and my big sis scurry about all night on our adventures (don’t tell big sis, but I think I’m faster on ma wheel then she ish). Ma’am tells me that peepul like the dark too but that they can’t see as well in it.

I thought that would make things more difficult but I ‘spose it has its benefits. Sometimes when ma’am wraps me in my sheets they’re so dark and wrappy that even I can’t see. When that happens I get better at feeling what’s around me and feeling the sheets too.

I like feeling my sheets when it’s dark because I appreciate them more. Ma’am says it can be the same for peepul too.

Ma’am also tells me that peepul use this extra-super sense of touch for other things too, but she says that’s not for hedgehogs to worry about. Ma’am did mention something called a ‘pinwheel’ tho and pins sound very similar to hedgehog quills so maybe I should know!

If pinwheels in the dark are anything like quills in the dark then they must be pretty prickly (tho mostly harmless at the end of the day). I really wouldn’t hurt a fly, after all!

Anyways, I’ve been told not to do anymore unsupervised adventures by ma’am because it worried her very much. But with a ma’am as adventurous as mine can you really blame me? Being cheeky must run in the family…at least that ish my reasonings!

Until my next paw pattering,