Review of Fluidproof Fitted Sheet – Black

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Review of Fluidproof Fitted Sheet - Black
Excellent and sexy play sheets. Fits correctly on the bed, no seams, and lasts about 3 years with daily use. Very effective for anything messy or liquid, and never leaks whether wet, messy, or in puddles all night. Easy enough to clean. I generally just use a rag and mild detergent as opposed to the washing machine. It’s pretty simple and wipe it clean and you don’t need to take the sheet off the bed. I love mine and sleep directly on it every night, because I simply love the rubber and luxurious feel. Always nice to know the bed is ready for anything, should the need for arise. It will last 3 years before the waterproof part of the covering gives out, if you sleep on it every night. If you use it less often, I imagine it will last much longer. Mine died this week, where the waterproof covering broke/cracked/separated. It was purchased on Nov 26th, 2017, so you can see it has a great lifetime considering I slept directly on it every night for 3 years without a sheet or additional covering on top. If yours is starting to bubble or separate, then it’s time for a new one. Highly recommended; I just bought another one.