Anal Beads – The latest in Our Sex Tips Series

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Anal Beads in a dark reflective image against a dark backgroundOn The Sheets Today

Anal Beads – The latest in our Sex Tips Series Short suggestions to help you get the most out of the time on your sheets.

What is it?

We all like a soothing massage. Something that stimulates our senses and is simultaneously incredibly relaxing and an extreme rush.
But why restrict that sensation to external parts of the body?
Anal beads are the massage tool of the booty. Coming in all different shapes and sizes (from smaller than a grape to bigger than a golf ball) anal beads are a line of beads which run across a central ‘cord,’ decorating it like pearls on a necklace. But these beads are far from just decorative.
The insertion of anal beads is something quite extraordinary. Because the beads are often spherical or ovular in shape, the rectum responds to anal beads by widening at the maximum circumference before immediately contracting back in to place once a single bead is inserted.
This happens each and every time a bead is inserted, leading to this incredibly stimulating almost ‘swooshing’ sensation which leaves the anus highly sensitive and aroused.
The real fun of anal beads, however, comes from their swift removal.
In one long tug an anus feeling the removal of anal beads feels the incredibly intense massaging effect of multiple beads rushing past its opening in quick succession.
The feeling is indescribable. Which is why we recommend that you try it yourself!

Our ‘How To’ Advice

• Anal beads are a great play tool and are highly accessible but there are a few things to consider when buying beads. The key elements are material, length, size, and progression.
• In terms of material you’ll want to put safety first; avoid porous materials such as jelly, PVC, latex, and ‘real feel’ materials alongside any anal beads that have real fabric cording. These beads will absorb fluids, meaning they can never properly be cleaned and will be a hygiene risk. The anus should always be treated with respect. Your body deserves the best.
• In terms of acceptable material, it is advised that newcomers to anal beads start with silicone beads, as these tend to be softer and more forgiving. If you want to play around with sensation or temperature, however, there are also glass and metal beads which introduce this element. Make your choice wisely.
• Some anal beads come longer than others but, ask yourself – just how much of an anal bead would I reasonably want to use? Excess dangling beads are just distracting and unnecessary so it’s always better to go for a standard size rather than opting for larger, longer options. Speaking of which…
• Size and progression are important components of anal beads. Preferably you’ll want to buy beads that start small and then progress in size with each bead. This gives the body time to adjust to the size of each bead rather then being immersed in the deep end. When ready there are beads that start larger or which vary the size of each bead randomly, but these are for more experienced play.

What Are The Key Benefits?

• Anal stimulation (P-Spot for males).
• Increased pleasure when pulled out during climax.
• A good way to train for anal girth.
• Improved anal health.

Some Extra Tips

• Always make sure that your anal beads have a retrieval loop or a flared base that stops the beads from getting stuck in the anus.
• A looped design is always better, as it allows for an easy pull during climax.
• By pulling anal beads out swiftly during the point of climax the pleasure received from orgasm is greatly enhanced. This is brilliant for those who want to try new levels of sexual stimulation.
• Although there is a stigma against anal beads, these beads are suitable for any body and can be pleasurable for both male and female users and those of any sexuality.
Bringing In The Sheets
• For female-bodied users, anal beads can help provoke squirting if pulled out during climax. By placing our sheets under you during use you are free to explore this potency without fear of the clean up afterwards.
• A lot of people have fears about faeces when it comes to anal toys. Let’s be mature here – sometimes shit happens. Having our sheets present means that, even if this does occur, you can safely continue with your play without fear of washing out stains. Sometimes sex is messy and that’s part of the fun.
• Anal toys always require lots of lubricant. Go nuts with the fluids with the assurance of our sheets. They’re literally designed for it!

Best Used For

Massage and sex are a match made in heaven, but many restrict themselves when it comes to posterior pleasure. Break down your apprehensions, however, and you unlock a world of possibilities.