Little Switch Bitch – A review of our Sheets

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Avatar for Little Switch Bitch Blog Pencil drawing of girl wearing red lace bra top with Hair held up by large white bowTake a look at this review from Little Switch Bitch and see how she gets on with her sheets

“Sheets of Francisco are soft – the kind of the soft that glides against your skin and doesn’t stick. The kind of soft you want to roll around on. The kind of soft you wanna be naked on.”

“I really wanted one of these Sheets of Francisco Fun Sheets for a long as I knew they existed and I am happy to report they are beyond my expectations. I love ours.”

These sheets are awesome and really take away the issues of the dreaded clean up.”

“They aren’t affected in any way with any type of fluids, make clean up super easy and just look rather bad ass on your bed”