Stroking The Surface – Lubrication

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Lubrication - Silver Lube bottle with lube running down the side and puddling on a black fluid proof sheetLubrication – This is the third part of the ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology series. If you haven’t kept up to date with the anthology, then we suggest starting here for an explanation. From there it’s up to you how you wish to sample what our sheets have to offer. Enjoy the read.

There is perhaps no adult product more widely used and yet so misunderstood as lubricant. The use of lubricant is still considered as a marker of shame or a personal lacking by some people, stemming from the erroneous belief that if one cannot produce the fluids required for a certain sex act then they neither want it nor deserve it.

There are few beliefs as absurd as this.


A Reason for Lubrication

The biggest blow against the archaic attitudes held against lubricant is that not all sex acts provide natural lubrication, even if it were desired. A hand-job, for example, will not magically cause the penis to spurt its own juices to help facilitate the act. That fluid release only comes at the end of the experience, and for an entirely different purpose.

Anal sex, too, is incredibly ill-advised without some form of external lubrication. The anus does not produce any lubricant of its own, but that does not mean that pleasure cannot be sought from it, should lubricant be provided.

Then, of course, there are other parts of the anatomy. Breasts, for example, though wonderful to bring in to sex, may benefit from some slip ‘n slide. Could oil be used? Certainly, but then any latex condoms or other latex sex barriers used after this point would be at greater risk of breaking. Oil and latex don’t mix.

And this is only considering what could be seen as heterosexual sex acts.

Queer representation brings with it a whole array of other sex acts that can benefit from lubrication (fisting, for example, may benefit from ample lubrication). Solo or toy-centric sex also adds another element. What if you’re using a highly textured toy? Or perhaps a sex sleeve? What about toys that are so powerful that they could benefit from a buffer to smooth off their impressive oomph? In these instances, lubricant is vital.

Personal Passions

All the above are reasons as to why you might want to use lubricant but, as to why you may have to justify using lubricant, no justification is needed!

Lubricant is not always a necessity but it feels great, reduces potentially uncomfortable friction, can be flavoured and can offer different sensations during sex, making otherwise impractical sex acts suddenly rapturous in their execution.

Besides, even if one is using lubricant out of a need or a lack of personal fluids, what does it matter? We would never feel bad nor shame someone for needing to wear glasses to see better. Besides, ever since the resurgence of geek culture glasses are now sexy, and so it lubricant god dammit! No if’s or but’s. It’s a fact.

More to the point, someone’s personal preference is no one’s business but their own. If you dislike lubricant, then that’s fine; to use a popular phrase ‘you do you’. But never shame or judge someone for liking lubricant or wanting to try it. With so many benefits and variations, who wouldn’t be a little bit curious?

The Many Types of Lubricant

Just as crucial as knowing why lubricant can be beneficial is knowing what variations of lubricant are available to sample.

The most commonplace and useful of the lubricants is water-based lubricant. Utilizing the slippery nature of good old H2O, water-based lubricants are compatible with all condoms and adult products and provide a similar hydration to natural fluids. They can be very thin or almost gel-like but, in all instances, they have a lightness to them which many users value.

In comparison, silicone-based lubricant is not to be used with certain toys (silicone mixtures, and any porous/low-quality products), but it provides a powdery smoothness which is heavy, deliberate, and long-lasting. Its decadence is undeniable and it has a longevity that water-based lubricants sometimes lack. Purity of ingredients can be achieved with more ease when it comes to silicone lubricant, and its viscosity can still vary, but it is harder to wash off.

Oil-based lubricant is almost akin to slathering a luxurious Shea Butter treatment over the skin. It’s buttery and starts off firmly before melting in to the skin and spreading with ease. Like silicone lubricant, it lasts a long time, but it is much less compatible with toys and sex barriers (being a no-go for anything made with latex).

Flavoured and sensation lubricants can heat or cool genitals, or provide an exquisite culinary sampling alongside oral acts (sometimes all at the same time) and are typically water-based. When using these lubricants caution should be taken at first, and care given to ingredients, but there is nothing quite like reaping the benefits of a well-chosen lubricant at the end of it all.

A Slippery Embrace

Whatever lubricant you select, whatever option you take, we are certain of one thing – our sheets will not judge.

When designing our fluidproof sheets we did not know all of the wonderful ways in which they would be employed but we knew one thing for sure; their use was not something for us to specify or control, but rather to provide a product that encouraged experimentation and spontaneity.

And, when it comes to lubricant, we find it to be a fitting fluid to grace the surface of our sheets, just as valid and welcome as any other. Water-based lubricants will meet our sheets with ease—any excess droplets being of no concern as you get on with the main task at hand.

The temptation to extend the boundaries of silicone lubricant beyond the genitals can be actualized on top of our sheets without any worry of the staining properties that silicone is sometimes known to have. Our sheets can take a session of slathering fluids over each other. Trust us.

The same can be said with oil-based lubricant, which is equally valid for massage and sensation play (two topics we have discussed previously). How brilliant is it to have a lubricant that can double as a relaxing at-home spa treatment? And how nice to know that our sheets will allow you to explore your chosen lubricant uninhibited by practical concerns, as well as the concerns of society.

Flavour and sensation are two brilliant elements of lubrication, but both can come with messy colours or scents included that one might not necessarily wish to linger on the bedsheets. As usual we have you covered here (pun, of course, intended), and, if you so wish it, what happens on our sheets stays on our sheets…well, until you wash them, that is. We’ve yet to know a lubricant that has besmirched our fabric indelibly and we feel confident that this will remain the case.

So, It’s About Time We Embrace Lubrication!

If you’re already a lube enthusiast then celebrate it alongside us, as our sheets allow you to gush about it in new ways.

If you’re curious about lubricant, then our sheets will make sure that any exploration you embark upon is given the discretion and respect that it deserves.

And, if you have previously worried that lubricant was somehow shameful, we understand. Lubricant (and sex in general) gets a bad rep publicly, but we do hope that this article has peaked your interest in turning over a new leaf and perhaps bringing our sheets along for any slippery adventures that you may now have in mind.

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