Sex Tips Series – Feathers

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Feather coloured bright pink  in a large mass


On The Sheets Today

Feathers – the latest in our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.

What is it?

We all know the striking imagery of a peacock during courtship. Approaching a female that catches their eye, the peacock primes itself, puffs out its chest and then unveils a majestic plume of brilliant feathers, multicoloured and with rich green eyes.

Although we don’t recommend that any of you try to ‘court’ a playmate by whipping out a feather fan from your rear end there is something to be said about feathers and sexual encounters.

Primarily part of the sensation play field, feathers can be used to tease a partner by stimulating their sensory system to evoke an erotic response.

One of the things that makes feathers so effective as a sexual tool is that they are easily accessible, affordable, and require very little training or precise skill. Simply get a feather and begin your play session!

Our ‘How To’ Advice

  • Although you can get a standard feather from a fancy dress store or a general online retailer we highly recommend that for sexual play you first look at purchasing something from a reputable adult retailer.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • The tactile sensation of slime is unlike any other material used in sex, meaning that you’re discovering and sharing a very exclusive form of play. The thrill of this alone can add something special to your play sessions.
  • Feather ticklers are one of the most standard items that you can use, but you will also find roleplay props such as feather dusters or even a single sexual feather for your own use.
  • Feathers work like any other sensation-play item, in that you can brush them over the skin with varying degrees of pressure in order to play with your partner’s sensory pathways.
  • One of the most effective ways to do this is to make sure that your play mate is blindfolded. This means that they don’t necessarily anticipate the sensation which can, in turn, heighten it.
  • A light application is best for feathers, which are made for a more delicate and tender type of play.
  • Feathers can also be used to tickle people, making them ideal for anyone who engages in a tickle fetish.
  • If using feathers for a tickle fetish then key areas to tickle are typically the feet, the side of the torso, or other sensitive areas.

Some Extra Tips

  • As feathers can be used to tickle people (and not anyone loves tickling) it pays to ask your play mate if there are any no-go areas for using a feather on them. Some people will want to feel a feather sweep across their body but will completely object to being tickled, so pick your play carefully.
  • Different ticklers will have different feathers. Some will be firm whereas others will be really light and flighty. Because of this it pays to experiment with different feather ticklers and types in order to figure out what type of feather works for you.
  • Whatever you do, do notjust use a random feather that you find on the street or which falls from an actual animal. These can come with e coli or other contamination risks and are best not used in a sexual setting.

Bringing In The Sheets

  • Use our sheets to create an additional degree of sensation play. The smooth surface of our sheets will contrast nicely with the delicate and fluffy texture of a feather tickler. Each motion will also cause squirming which will add an auditory level to play.
  • If you are using feathers as part of a tickle fetish them our sheets will literally allow submissives and tickle victims to ‘piss themselves laughing’ without worrying about making a mess on your normal bedding. This will allow carefree play, which is exactly what you might want when engaging with a tickle fetish.
  • If you really love feathers then why not invest in our bespoke service and get sheets that look like they’re covered in feathers. Might we recommend peacock feathers?

Best Used For

Gentle sensation play. Blindfolded sessions. Those who have a tickle fetish and are looking for an iconic play item.