Sex Tips Series – Vampire Roleplay

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close up of white womans face from nose to neck with dripping gloss red lips to suggest a vampire

Vampire Roleplay – the latest in our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.

On The Sheets Today

Vampire Roleplay

What is it?

Long before Twilight ever hit the market, people were already lusting after a dark master to come for them in the night and ravage them with a ‘kiss’ of the neck.

The sexual appeal of vampires really can’t be denied and is likely attributed back to Bela Lugosi’s iconic depiction of the role…at least when it comes to modern depictions.

Delve in to the original novel and you’ll see that sexual undertones were rife throughout the Dracula novel itself. Let’s face it – a creature of the night that seduces young women in to devilish action through literally penetrating their body? There’s narrative undertones then there’s just overt sexual teasing.

As such it’s no surprise that couples now will sometimes take turns at doing ‘sexual roleplay’ in which one pretends to be a vampire and the other pretends to be their helpless victim (or already transformed thrall).

Where this vampire roleplay goes is up to the individual, though they typically end with at least one love bite.

Our ‘How To’ Advice

  • Sexual roleplay can seem daunting for those who haven’t done it before (especially with a fantasy/gothic horror element) so don’t feel like nerves are in any way out of place. Yes, you’ll likely enjoy things once you get going, but don’t try and suppress any apprehensions you have. Instead talk them out with your partner and get to a place you’re both comfortable with sexually and mentally.
  • Expect some awkwardness at first as you both fit in to your new roles but don’t let it stop you from exploring. Allow yourself to be playful, immersed, and fully ‘in character.’
  • Have fun with the idea of being someone else and allow that to lead your performance. Think of it as any other persona you take on (after all, I think we can all agree that we have a different ‘work’ persona than the one we have at home or when out on the town. This is no different).
  • Buy costumes and props to help you get better in to character. Lots of fancy dress shops will have vampire and ‘helpless maiden/victim’ outfits. If you’re nervous about buying in person then opt to do your shopping on line.
  • A cheap stage jewellery cross necklace that your would-be vampiric lover can hiss at before safely tearing off your neck is always a nice touch.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • Sexual roleplay allows participants to escape from their normal roles and pretend to be someone else for a while. This can feel incredibly freeing and has even been known to alleviate stress in some people.
  • The thrill participants get from pretending this is their first encounter with their lover is usually reminiscent of those first few sexually tense encounters in the early stages of one’s relationship. This is always fun to revisit.
  • The fantasy element of vampire roleplay allows users to live out there dirtiest daydreams in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Vampiric roleplay is perfect for the month of Halloween!

Some Extra Tips

  • If you bring fake fangs in to the mix then make sure they are either custom made and comfortable to wear in advance (ie. Do a few solo test runs) or that they’re easy to talk with and easily removable. No one wants to go for sexy but sound like they’re slurring through a bad pair of braces.
  • Shop for your costumes together as a couple (or more, for poly groups). This will allow for a certain amount of excitement and pre-roleplay foreplay.
  • Make sure you have a safe word in place and a non-verbal safety gesture if needed. Make this as random, memorable, and unsexy as you possibly can (eg. Thistle)
  • Plan out a scenario in advance if it helps you, just to get the initial ball rolling.


Bringing In The Sheets

  • Using body safe, sugar-free red dye, make up some lubricant or oil in advance that can mimic the colour of blood. Then go to town with this red concoction, knowing that your permanent sheets are protected by our fluidproof ones.
  • The black or deep red rose versions of our sheets make for a perfect gothic framing when it comes to vampiric roleplay, use them to get mentally immersed in the fun you have planned.
  • It may sound a bit silly, but black sheets can easily be used as a long sweeping cape which is suddenly swooped over a victim to make for the scene of their transformation. Just don’t forget to do a few extravagant bat-like flaps of your improvised cape, just for a bit of fun.

Best Used For

People who want to be adventurous in the bedroom, lovers of all things vampiric, and anyone who wants to explore taking on a new sexual persona.