Sex Tips Series – Vibrators

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Doxy vibrator IBlack and white image showing the head of the wand vibrator against a dark backgroundOn The Sheets Today

Vibrators – the latest in our Sex Tips series. Short suggestions to help you get the most out of your time on our sheets.

What is it?

Or should we say “What are they?”

Vibrators are a type of sex toy that uses a motor (or motors) to create a ‘vibrating’ sensation that most bodies tend to enjoy quite a lot.

If there’s a type of sex toy then there is likely a version that toy that vibrates.

Dildos, butt plugs, kegel balls, anal beads, dual insertion products – you name it, they can vibrate.

Some toys are even specifically made to vibrate. Things such as bullets, wands, rabbits, and remote control eggs are all specifically designed to have a buzz to them and their function is built specifically to bring enjoyment in the form of a hearty rumble.

The most important thing to remember about vibrators, however, is that they are designed to create a sensation specific to them. A vibrator does not replace a finger, genitals, nor even a non-vibrating sex toy. All it does is introduce a new way to play and explore each other’s bodies.

Our ‘How To’ Advice

  • When buying your first vibrator it’s important to think about your current play style. Do you enjoy direct clitoral stimulation? If so a bullet vibrator might be for you. A fan of having your G or P-Spot stimulated? Time to find an internal toy (with a flared base if using for anal play). Looking for a large and broad all-rounder with a lot of power? Wands are likely best.
  • Consider your environment when purchasing a sex toy. Some can be noisier or more obvious then others so it will be important to consider sound levels and storage ideas.
  • Always try to get a vibrator made from body safe materials such as silicone. Avoid jelly, rubber, cyberskin, and TPR/E as these are porous (leeching in fluids) and can contain harmful chemicals.
  • There are different types of vibration – buzzy, rumbly, deep, surface, etc. – so going in to a shop and testing the strength and type of vibration from a toy is always advised before purchase. Alternatively look up reviews from reputable sites.

What Are The Key Benefits?

  • Vibrations create a sensation that cannot be replicated by other forms of stimulation, providing a new type of play.
  • Vibration stimulates blood flow in the area it’s applied to, leading to stronger, longer, and more gratifying sensations.
  • For the same reason vibrations also increase sensitivity after use, which can be combined with other forms of stimulation for a different play experience.
  • Vibrations can help soothe muscle pain, meaning they have multiple benefits.

Some Extra Tips

  • Try using one vibrator internally and one externally (or even three depending on how many holes you have the chance to use). This can intensify a play session immensely.
  • Explore ‘forced orgasms’ by giving your partner/s control of the vibrator and letting them apply the toy/s relentlessly unless you speak your safeword.
  • Use a strong G-spot vibrator to explore the idea of squirting, pulling out just as you feel the strongest sensation to optimize the potential to squirt.
  • If you want to use toys during intercourse then select smaller ones that fit in the palm of the hand, as these are best for use during penetrative sex.
  • Don’t both with obvious ‘novelty’ items unless you reallywant to display that cute vibrating duckie.
  • Add lubricant to a sex toy to help create a buffer for some of the stronger sensations and make insertion easier for internal ones (absolutely essential for anal toys).

Bringing In The Sheets

  • If you’re experimenting with squirting then our sheets provide the perfect, worry-free base from which to begin training up to a full gushing flow.
  • Our sheets also help prevent lubricant getting all over your bed, providing an easy way to clean up – especially if lots of butt-fun was involved.
  • Try blindfolding your partner and outlining their body with the vibrator when it’s on full blast. The sound will create auditory arousal and the subtle sensation of transferal through our sheets will send their skin tingling with anticipation.

Best Used For

Anyone and everyone who is curious about what vibration can do for them. Those who like being stimulated in different ways. Couples looking for an addition to penetration. People who like to engage in varying forms of self love.