Stroking the Surface – Cum Play

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Unfolding Desires: Cum Play With Us

Welcome to “ Cum Play With Us , the second segment of the second part of our ‘Beneath the Sheets’ anthology, ‘Unfolding Desire’.

If you need to catch up on ‘Beneath the Sheets’ then why not check out the full collection here?

Don’t worry: You won’t turn a corridor and find two creepy little ghost girls in this article. Nor will there be elevators full of blood reigning down on you, though we’re sure that, given enough of our material, you’d be able to handle such a scenario.

Today we’re going to look at something that gets the heart racing for completely different reasons to the Kubrick classics: We’re looking at cum play.

What Is Cum Play?

It’s a rare person who hasn’t at least heard of bukkake – the action of multiple individuals ejaculating on to a single person.  This is usually all men, coming on one woman, or alternatively on one man.

Bukkake is thought to have originated in Japan in the 1980’s, but has since become popular in the Western world and in gay communities, because, let’s face it, sometimes cum is sexy.

This may be one of the most popular forms of cum play but it’s certainly not the only example.

Pulling out and ejaculating on a partner’s skin is another example (for those who don’t have access to their own orgy ring), as is climaxing on a partner’s face.

Breaking it down to the bare bones, cum play is any sexual act that involves and, to some extent, focuses on a person’s semen.

This takes what may otherwise be just a biological material and makes it a powerful fluid of sexual fascination, and, as a result, gives a sense of sexual confidence to those who can produce it and those who love to play with it.

Is It Safe?

For those who have never participated in cum play before the first concern many very well be health and safety. This is sensible. Certain STIs can be contracted through bodily fluids, so it pays to keep in mind your partner’s sexual health status and to ask if they’ve been tested before engaging in any form of fluid exchange.

If everyone involved has the all clear then there isn’t too much to worry about beyond this. Semen is perfectly safe to have on the body, It’s neither harmful nor necessarily beneficial to ingest. That said, if you’re planning to have your partner ejaculate on your face you will want to close your eyes: It is characteristically salty!

Semen is about 5-10% sperm and the rest is comprised of vitamin C, fructose, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12, zinc, nitrogen, calcium, as much protein as an egg white, and as a an additional fun fact, comes in at about 20 calories! This doesn’t make sperm a magical formula, but it is interesting just what our bodies can produce.

But, for those who find that conventional cum play is not an option, there is no need to fret. Nowadays there are lots of different lubricants on the market that aim to mimic the texture and appearance of cum. These lubricants can even be coupled with sex toys that have ‘cum tubes’ for those who aren’t naturally capable of producing semen or have difficulty climaxing. There is always an option for those who are craving a bit of jizz in their life.


The Appeal of Cum Play

For those uninterested in cum play it may be hard to grasp just what is so appealing about the action and we get it. Bukakke has linked cum play with misogyny in some people’s minds, whether the act is consensual or not, and even the word ‘cum’ can seem vulgar to many. This leads to quite a lot of mental barriers in any effort to try and understand people’s fascination with giving semen a sexual role in the bedroom.

To help try and bridge the gap we’ve come up with a little thought experiment.

Whether you’re craving our sheets or already own them, take a moment to cast your mind to just why they appeal to you.

Think of their lightness, the way they glide over your bed, the sense of them as they slide through your fingers.

What does that sensation do to you? Does it excite you?

Perhaps you take a moment longer to linger over the surface of the sheets, stroking them for reasons beyond practical arrangement. You like how the sheet’s surface feels under your fingertips. You like the sensation even more when you place your body down on the sheets, and make their surface – their tactile elements – part of your play.

For someone who likes cum play semen is synonymous with our sheets. It feels good when spread across the fingers, perhaps better when rubbed against the body. Its natural qualities – thickness, warmth, taste – are all features worth exploring, and they ignite a sense of undeniable arousal in the mind…and body.

And, just like our sheets are a constant part of any experience that they take part in, cum play can bring an all-enveloping rush to a sexual experience, and bring a sense of confidence and reassurance.

We all have our kinks and turn ons, be they sheets or semen, and, understand them or not, the rush they can provide is not to be shied away from.

When Cum Meets Fabric

Of course, there are some practical considerations for prolific cum appreciators – one of which being the persistent nature of semen once it meets with fabric. As many teenage masturbators discover, semen is a rather distinct fluid that, once it meets with most sheets, will maintain its presence there quite stubbornly.

Now, imagine you’re someone who does want to engage in bukkake, or get covered in multiple ejaculations, or even play with a lot of water-based cum lubricant. Then you’ve got a problem.

That is, of course, unless you have some of our sheets.

Our sheets may be handy as an analogy for the appeal of cum play, but they’re also damned useful for the practical act of exploring ejaculate and the excitement it might induce.

When semen meets our sheets it will stay there – not attempting to break through to any surface below, nor streaking away defiantly. Thanks to the large sizes we provide (which can be expanded via our bespoke service) you’ll also find that you can cover your whole bed, or a reasonable amount of the floor, and really go wild with any play ideas that cum (pun intended) to mind.

You can cover yourself, or someone else, in semen, roll your bodies around in it, and gleefully explore its qualities in tandem with the qualities of our own product, which will, in all cases, have you completely covered. This is our promise to you, and we’re proud to say that many satisfied customers can attest to the strength of our integrity.

To Dash

In Japanese, the term Bukkake translates as ‘to dash’, ‘splash’, or ‘to sprinkle water’ and we find this an oddly poetic, and rather beautiful, way to talk about cum play. It feels, in a way, tender and goes beyond the sexual rush of the action to the tender intimacy and trust that is involved in any fluid exchange.

That we can play a part in that experience – that you trust our sheets to enhance your own play sessions – brings us a great degree of pride and, whether you’re using them for cum or some other form of splashing, dashing enjoyment, we’d like to thank you for the confidence you have in us.

If you’ll afford us one last pun, it’s almost cumpletely overwhelming!