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Black Fluidproof sheet showing drapes and foldsThis has been a long time in the planning, but Sheets of San Francisco are finally pleased to introduce you to Beneath The Sheets – An Anthology of Insights into the Sheets of San Francisco.

Beneath the Sheets is a collaborative effort, between the Sheets of San Francisco team and adult product reviewer Emmeline Peaches Reviews, but it’s also more than that.

When we first founded Sheets of San Francisco we were aware that we were filing a gap in the market, but we could have never been prepared for how well received our products would be in filling that gap.

Emails of appreciation, kind words on social media, and (of course) multiple product reviews; as our sheets were unfolded so, too, were the many personal stories that they evoked in our customers and we began seeing our own product in a whole new light.

As time went on it started to feel like the many uses and stories attached to our sheets could fill a whole book, and then we though ‘Why the hell not?’ and so here we are.

Beneath the Sheets will first be published as a series of articles—each documenting a different approach to our products and the benefits that can be found in them. Most of these are authored by Emmeline Peaches directly but we have also selected, where appropriate, other writers of reputation for certain segments of this anthology.

This series will be split up in to four different sections which each explores different elements of our sheets. It is our hope that these segments are representational of the various experiences that the Sheets of San Francisco can offer, paralleled by the unveiling of a Sheets of San Francisco product.

‘Stroking the Surface’ starts this anthology, acting as a primer of sorts as we gently touch upon some of the soothing and soft elements of our sheets. The gentle and tentative first motions of touching our sheets is mirrored in this section and the delicate nature of its sleek surface invites readers and users to start at their own pace and ease in from there.

‘Unfolding Desire’ explores the glimmer of hope that our products have afforded. It is concerned with those sexual acts we’ve always wanted to try, but have never felt confident enough to experiment with, and how our sheets have eliminated such apprehensions for some. Natural body fluids feature heavily in this section and we challenge anyone who tries to view such fluids with shame. Your personal fluids always have a place on our sheets.

‘Fluid Motions’ addresses those messy actions that you might naturally associate with our products. This is where the fetishes start to emerge in force and the fun begins for some. There’s a high chance that you’ll be able to guess exactly what will be covered in this section, but we hope that our approach leaves you breathless nonetheless.

‘A Freak On Top of the Sheets’ tops it all off, and we throw some curve balls your way. Here we address how our products have found a place among various fetishes that you may not initially think about (or even know about, in some cases). One of the great aspects of our product is that we get to learn about so many different kinks and fetishes out there and help people fulfil their desires, so of course we had to pay tribute to just a few (you can imagine some of the rest).

We have a deep appreciation for our customers, so please do consider this as a manifestation of that appreciation. It is our intention that these articles will eventually be bound in the very sheets that inspired them but, for now, please do enjoy our monthly installations of this exciting endeavour.

Sheets of San Francisco.

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